What is Penny and Mary

Penny and Mary represent both sides that every engaged person has to balance Penny the “Rational side”, and Mary the “Emotional side”.

Our tools optimize the demands of both brain and heart to give you a fun & stress-free weddding - now that’s smart!

Start with your heart

Organize your thoughts. Share & Collaborate.
Share your Plan with your planning team and selected vendors.

Do more with brainpower

Share your board with potential vendors to get an accurate quote.
Or, simply set the board to public, so vendors can pitch proposals to you.

Note budget and any must haves.

Feel good getting things done

No matter how much work you want to put into your wedding planning,
we help you get things done through your
Plan Board and tools.

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Stuck or Don’t Know Where To Start?

We will get you started & going!
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